In the level section of the adjustment panel you can redefine the color in the photo by adjusting the RGB color levels. You can adjust using the available presets or manually with the histogram.

To redefine the color using the available presets, select a preset from the Level preset drop-down list that best suits the selected photo.

To manually redefine the color in photo, do this:

  1. In the Channel drop-down, select whether you want to adjust just the Red, Green, or Blue color levels. Select RGB to adjust all three levels at once.
Photo Director note Level

Note: if the photo is in black and white, the only channel available is for luminance, or overall brightness of the photo.

  1. Click Photo Director midton37 Level to display the midtone controls.
  2. Click and drag the sliders to adjust the color levels in the photo.
    Photo Director adjust38 Level
Photo Director note Level

Note: in the above example, the colors in the photo are changed by redefining how many pixels should have a value of 0.

Dragging the sliders on the left, right, makes the colors in the photo darker. While dragging sliders left make the colors brighter.