Exporting/Import Presets

You can export your adjustment presets for import and use on another computer. To export an adjustment preset, do this:

  1. Right-click on a preset and then select Export.
  2. Enter a file name for the preset, and then select the location where you want to export it.
  3. Click Save. CyberLink PhotoDirector saves the preset in the .pdadj file format.

To import an adjustment preset, do this:

Photo Director note Exporting/Import Presets

Note: you can only import adjustment presets in the .pdadj file format via this import method. If you are trying to import an adjustment preset in the .pdadj format that you downloaded from DirectorZone, just double click on it.

  1. Within the Downloaded Preset or My Created Presets section, click on Photo Director importme Exporting/Import Presets and then select Import.
  2. Browse to location of the preset file and then select Open to complete the import.

Exporting/Import Presets